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Oregon is such a diverse and a place where you can experience just about anything. Form sleeping in a tee pee or yurt, to staying in some of the most unique 5 star hotels. You have the ocean coast, covered bridges, Crater Lake, and some of the most beautiful bridges throughout Portland. There are many things to do and see. Adventure is calling your name and waiting for you to come explore the hidden gems in Oregon. Get ready to make Oregon your summer destination this year.



They are known for the simple phrase “Stay Weird.” You won’t be disappointed. They have some of the most unique places around. Try having the world’s smallest leprechaun park in the middle of the street, or the world’s biggest book store that takes up a whole city block. Doughnuts and food trucks have become a big hit where other cities are now doing the same all over the US. But don’t forget about the museums and environmental friendly way to take care of the earth.

  • Mills End Park located at 899 SE Nato Park Way will make you laugh when you tell your children you are going to the park only to find out it is the size of where a lamppost once was.
  • Powell’s City of Books located 1005 W Burnside St between 10th and 11th Avenue will make you gasp with the sheer size of the bookstore. They sell used and hard to find copies of books and everything in between.
  • Oregon Museum of Science And Industry located 1945 SE Water Ave is a great place to take the family. They have a real life submarine that you can explore.
  • The Oregon Zoo located at 4001 SW Canyon Rd Is one of the best zoos around. They have live concerts in the park during the summer and have 64 acres to with at least 25 exhibits to explore.
  • The Oregon’s Children’s Museum located 4015 SW Canyon Rd is across from the Oregon Zoo. Spend the day going to both parks and have your children learn a lot of hands on exhibits and see their imaginations come to life.
  • Oaks Park Amusement Park located 78055 SE Oaks Parkway has been around longer than Disneyland. It still has the original wooden carousel and pipe organ that plays in the skating rink.


Oregon Coast and Pacific Northwest wedding and engagement portrait photography by Jaime Kae Hazen

Is one of those quaint towns that you just love to visit! They have the ocean, aquariums, lighthouses, and a little something for everyone. You can even go to some of the nearby state parks and spend the night in a yurt for around $40-$50 dollars a night.

  • Yaquina Head Lighthouse is about three miles north of Newport. You can take a tour of this lighthouse and step back in time to a period in history where lighthouses were critical in keeping oncoming ships and boats safe.
  • The Oregon Coast Aquarium is a great place for families to feel a part of the ocean and see some of the aquatic life up close and personal. They even have interactive places to touch the starfish, coral, etc.
  • Beverly Beach is a state park that has tent and RV spaces available to rent, but another fun option is to have your family stay in a yurt. They are a dome like building that is a little nicer than a tent. Plus you can be up close to the ocean and hear the waves crashing at night.

Crater Lake National Park


Is home to one of the deepest lake in the US, Crater Lake it is located in the mouth of a volcano which means no other form of water: rivers, streams, or inlets can mix with the water that is only added in by snowfall and the rainwater. Because of this, it has some of the bluest water you will ever set your eyes on.



Is the best cheese you can get from anywhere! They also have some of the best ice-cream available with unique flavors to choose from. Tillamook is also a city in Oregon where all the wonderful dairy delights are made. Beside the Tillamook factories they also have some other impressive sights to experience.

  • Tillamook Factory They have a tour you can go to see how the cheese, butter, and ice-cream are made. They do a lot with machines, but will still show you how it used to be done.
  • Tillamook Air Museum They have a large number of old war birds housed in a former military blimp hangar, the hanger itself is a rarity to behold. They have one of the best world war 11 aircraft collections in the US.
  • The “Terrible Tilley” Lighthouse while you are not allowed to go for tours, the lighthouse is available to view through Ecola State Park. It has been the hardest lighthouse to maintain and went out of operation in the 1950’s. It is an impressive sight to see the lighthouse built out in the ocean with a rock the only thing keeping it from getting torn down.

There truly are many more treasures to discover in Oregon. It is the perfect place to explore for nature lover enthusiast with hiking, camping, and discovering waterfalls, the three sisters, and hundreds of other spectacular views. But they also have a wonderful underground sub culture in the bigger cities that you find anywhere else.

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