The Floris Hotel Bruges in Belgium

hotel bruges

So you want to stay at the hotel Bruges in Belgium. The question you are wondering is what to expect at the hotel. There are always pros and cons at any hotel you stay at so let’s take a look at some of the pros first.

Now let’s look at some of the pros. First of all one common pro was the staff. The staff was very professional and seemed very courteous, so that is always a plus at any hotel. Another very popular pro was the fact the hotel was cozy. So if you and your significant other want some alone time, this hotel certainly sounds like it fits the bill.

Another very popular topic that can not be overlooked is the location. It makes for a nice walk to the main market street area but not right in the middle of it where it could be very noisy and loud.

Some other great benefits of staying there was they had awesome breakfast for who ever stays there. They have a very nice pool to relax in after taking in some of the sights that are within walking distance.

If you are into museums the Arentshuis Museum is less then 15 minutes away by foot, however if you want to venture further you certainly can as the train station is one mile away.

The only con worth nothing is that there is a smell when you walk in the lobby, but they were working on clearing that out. Overall this hotel has a lot of great things going for it, the design, the coziness, the location and the great staff. This is definitely a hotel worth staying at. Visit for more information.

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