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Would You Walk on Some of The World’s Most Dangerous Paths?

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Do you walk on the wild side? Love to explore dangerous places around the world? Check out these 5 dangerous paths and decide if you are up to the adventure of these best places to travel for challenging hikes.

The Huashan Trail in China

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Hikers must maneuver ridges against the cliffs that are under 12″ wide.

Caminito Del Rey in Spain

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Watch your step on this hike! Very dangerous but quite beautiful!

Damaged Suspended Bridge in Indonesia

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These kids are walking to school; no crossing guard here!

Tianmen Mountain in China

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Take your “Walk of Faith” on a cliff 4700 feet up in the air.

Half Dome in The United States

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You might want to ascend the vertical staircase to the 800 foot peak of this half dome in California.

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