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Hotel Avenida Palace Barcellona

Hotel Barcellona
Visit Barcelona and Stay in the Magnificent Hotel Avenida Palace

Barcelona is home to Gothic architecture, and is the rich cultural capital of the Catalan region of Spain. To visit Barcelona is to be exposed to a wonderful tapestry of ancient streets mixed with art nouveau architecture. There’s no better way to experience this heady mix of culture and art than to stay at the historic Hotel Avenida Palace. This popular 4-star hotel offers levels of luxury and opulence in an amazing setting. It’s a hotel fit for royalty, and truly representative of one of Europe’s cultural centers.

Hotel Avenida Palace Barcellona looks like it belongs to a classical period of 19th century Europe, but it was in fact built in 1952. The 151 rooms evoke feelings of old world charm with a flavor of luxury. The moment a guest is ushered into the stylish lobby by a top hat wearing doorman, is like being transported back in time. The lobby warmly greets visitors with classically designed architecture. Beautiful columns vie for attention with dramatically sweeping staircases. The title “Palace” is well earned with chandeliers and ornate furnishings drawing the attention of prospective guests.

The rooms continue the theme of classic opulence. Each one is air-conditioned and filled with beautifully upholstered furniture, but no compromise has been taken with modern conveniences here. This may be a hotel full of classic furnishings, but the helpful English speaking owners have ensured every possible modern appliance has been provided. All rooms have satellite television, free wireless internet access and minibars.

This is the perhaps the most perfectly located Hotel Barcellona has to offer. The centrally situated hotel requires only a brief stroll from leafy Gran Via for guests to find themselves in the hub of Barcelona, The Passaig de Gracia. Another brief walk brings guests to exciting Las Ramblas, the famous Gothic Quarter. Visit for more information.

Hotel Bernina in Italy Milan

Hotel Milano-2

The right city, the best location; Think Hotel Bernina, Milano, Italy!

Any first-timers visiting Milano, Italy will most always have a lot of “what if’s” stashed away in their thoughts just about the time their plane lands. However those thoughts will be quickly dismissed once they arrive at their reservation destination: Hotel Bernina, in Milano, Italy. And if you’ve been saving up a large dose of: Ohhh’s and Aaah’s, you won’t have any trouble using them in this hotel or city.

When visiting a foreign country many times transportation can be a large concern. Such is not the case here. Milano Centrale Train Station is just a casual stroll from the hotel and the famous Milan Cathedral in only four metro transportation stops away. And yes we knew you were wondering if the hotel rooms would look like the Web site pictures; you know, bright colors, comfortable setting with wood or tile floors to match; no disappointment here.

Whether your choice is a single, double, twin or triple room, your booking will not only be a safe experience, but your privacy respected, and the price that was quoted, will be the same when you arrive. This hotel Milano has so many wonderful features we can’t name them all, but several will be of interest like 24 hour room service, Wi-Fi access, flat screen TV, and private bathrooms that includes a hairdryer. And since this is Italy Milan, the bar is always open 24 hours a day and the breakfast buffet, redolent of grandma’s cooking, is ready from 7 am to 10 am. Visit for more information.

Detective Hotel – Etretat

Hotel Etretat

Located in the heart of Etretat, Normandy, in northwestern France along the English Channel, the Detective Hotel in Etretat is a fun and themed hotel that offers quite the original stay for guests traveling from near and far. Situated right on the water, with amazing views of both the Channel and the city, this hotel is truly an original, and a magnificently unique stop for people traveling through northwestern France and around the beaches of Normandy.

Known for its famous cliffs, Normandy itself is of course a historic region, and the Detective Hotel plays right into that with phenomenal themes, great architecture, and a fun overall sense of décor and attitude that works seamlessly with the rest of the neighborhood and the community.

A theme hotel, the Detective Hotel is based upon a concept with a challenge to find all the surprises, or clues, like an actual detective would do. Clearly original, the hotel is also spotlessly clean and very well kept, providing guests a welcome respite no matter where they may hail from or where they may be headed after their stay.

Located in the perfect situation right in the center of the city of Etretat, the Detective Hotel is close to many shops and restaurants, and is an ideal place to stay for people who want to be in the thick of things around Normandy. Located a very, very short walk from the sea itself, this hotel has three floors and is based on welcoming and housing guests in a very intimate and meaningful atmosphere.

The location alone, too, makes the hotel an ideal starting point for guests to head off into town, and explore all the major attractions around the neighborhood, be it Normandy bridges and beaches, or simply the shopping and cultural attractions available throughout the community itself.

With personalized welcomes, and small, quaint, and steadfastly kept rooms, the Detective Hotel provides everything guests need to make their stay truly memorable and unique in this theme hotel. It’s a relatively new space that has just been bought and converted by owners, and it allows for a good deal of originality and fun for guests looking for something slightly better than just a normal hotel stay.

It’s quite clear that the owners have done a good deal of work on the hotel, not only to promote and use the theme itself, but also to ensure that guests enjoy their time there, as they are passionate about the overall experience for guests and those staying.

For a friendly and welcoming place right along the beaches of Normandy, you can’t beat the Detective Hotel for your stay as you visit the glorious countryside and wonderful beaches and cliffs of northwestern France and the Normandy region. It is truly a must-stop and an original piece situated perfectly in Etretat, providing memories you will not soon forget during your stay in town! Visit for more information.

The Floris Hotel Bruges in Belgium

hotel bruges

So you want to stay at the hotel Bruges in Belgium. The question you are wondering is what to expect at the hotel. There are always pros and cons at any hotel you stay at so let’s take a look at some of the pros first.

Now let’s look at some of the pros. First of all one common pro was the staff. The staff was very professional and seemed very courteous, so that is always a plus at any hotel. Another very popular pro was the fact the hotel was cozy. So if you and your significant other want some alone time, this hotel certainly sounds like it fits the bill.

Another very popular topic that can not be overlooked is the location. It makes for a nice walk to the main market street area but not right in the middle of it where it could be very noisy and loud.

Some other great benefits of staying there was they had awesome breakfast for who ever stays there. They have a very nice pool to relax in after taking in some of the sights that are within walking distance.

If you are into museums the Arentshuis Museum is less then 15 minutes away by foot, however if you want to venture further you certainly can as the train station is one mile away.

The only con worth nothing is that there is a smell when you walk in the lobby, but they were working on clearing that out. Overall this hotel has a lot of great things going for it, the design, the coziness, the location and the great staff. This is definitely a hotel worth staying at. Visit for more information.

Comfort INN Convention Center – Manhattan, New York

Travel Buff

When it comes to hotels in New York, there are thousands to choose from. From high priced hotels like the Ritz Carlton, to the bit lower priced models that can come with uncertain amenities and in questionable areas, you can get lost just trying to choose a hotel online, let alone even visiting the city itself and getting caught in the whirlwind of energy in the Big Apple.

But there are certain areas and locations that a visitor would clearly want to stay once in New York, and one of them is the Manhattan area, situated right uptown. At the convention center, for example, the Comfort Inn Manhattan Convention Center hotel provides everything you might need for an amenable stay along with knowing that the great location will provide for you countless opportunities to see the sites and take in the city during your trip.

Amenities and Perks

From on-site parking and valet, to curbside cab and transportation services, and everything from breakfasts and exquisite meals in the hotel restaurant to a gym and sauna on site, the Comfort Inn Convention Center has all the perks and amenities you need to get the most out of your stay in Manhattan. You can rest assured knowing that everything you’ve come to expect out of a high quality hotel is available for you at this hotel in the heart of New York City, and the staff and employees are just a call away from being able to provide.

Great Location in Manhattan

What’s better than to be right in the heart of Manhattan while staying in New York City? Rather than being across the river in New Jersey, or out in another borough around the city, Manhattan is the center of everything big in New York, and provides for you the best location to be if you are a tourist visiting from out of town and interested in seeing the Big Apple up close and personal. With a prime location right at the convention center, and tons of events happening throughout the year at this location, you get everything you’ve ever dreamed of – and energy and hustle to boot – at the Comfort Inn Convention Center.

Close to everything, perfect for tourism

For tourists, the Convention Center Comfort Inn is ideal, simply because it provides a great opportunity to breeze down and see the sights, from the Statue of Liberty all the way up to midtown and uptown Manhattan. No matter what you came to New York to see – be it Times Square or the Empire State Building – you can do so knowing you’ll get to it full and well, and very easily, from your prime location at the Comfort Inn Convention Center.

All around, this hotel is a solid offering at reasonable prices in the often fast-paced world of New York City hotels. While it can be difficult to find and book a hotel in too many cases around the city, rest assured knowing that in this case, you certainly have a keeper that is idea for your next trip or vacation to New York. Check out for reservation