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10 Of The Most Unexpected Romantic Hot Spots Of All Time


Now that Valentine’s Day is underway, it is time to think about all those romantic getaway destinations you have wanted to surprise your significant other with. Everyone knows about Paris, London and The Big Apple, but what about places that fellow travelers have not explored when it comes to finding the perfect city of romance? Here are ten different places to look into when wanting to breathe in the essence of love in the air atmosphere.

Good Old Austin, Texas


What could be so romantic about Austin? Well springtime is downright incredible; it’s unlike anything you could imagine. The weather is almost perfect with lots of grassy fields covered in bluebonnets. The capital city has Lady Bird Lake aka (Town Lake) which is centered in the heart of the city. You can do so many fun activities such as: kayaking, paddle board, and canoeing. Or take a relaxing walk around the pathways taking in the city and soaking up the sun. Don’t forget to try some of the best food around.

America’s National Capital Washington, D.C.


This city I am sure is not the one that would be first on your list for a romantic getaway, unless you were a history buff. But don’t count out Washington D.C. It has so much charm and a rich history of the past with Georgetown’s streets made of brick, to captivating historical monuments’ all aglow at night. In the spring the cherry blossoms will surround the city in beautiful pink hues captivating you by their magic, which will bewitch you under the city’s spell.

Try The Village Of E’ze, France Close To The French Riviera


What makes this village stand out against the rest? Well this place is pure romance as it is a medieval village that sits on top of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean and St. Jean-Cap Ferrat. Besides having a killer view, you also get twisted narrow pathways that lead into secret courtyards that have some of the most beautiful secret gardens hidden away for you and love to discover together.



Minneapolis has the Stone Arch Bridge that lights up with a beautiful orange radiance that shines down on the Mississippi River creating sparkles of illumination beneath. You can also take your pick of staying in the urban parts of the city or surrounding yourself with the 180 parks, 22 lakes, 80 miles of biking trails to discover, try the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, or catch a show at Guthrie Theater to feel of the city’s rich history.

Brussels, The Capital Of The European Union


Brussels is quite fascinating! This city has the 17th century cobble-stoned Grand-Place which makes for a truly pleasurable sensation, with ornate metal buildings and medieval towers stopping over to take it all in is a must. Stop by the Magritte Museum to see what artwork could be waiting for you. And make sure to sample and indulge in their world famous chocolate and beer.

The Five Town Make Cinque Terre, Italy Breathtaking


When you stop to visit these villages on the Italian Riviera you will be engulfed with pure romance. These Cliff side villages have a ban on any type of motorbike or car being in the city, but they do have buses throughout the villages to help transport you to your destination. Try taking a stroll down Via Dell’Amore (Lover’s Lane). Between Manarola and Riomaggiore, are stoned carved beaches along the Cliff side and unspeakable ocean views. If you go along the longer blue trail, it will link all five villages together, a long walk but worth the hike.



This once upon a time steel town now shines brightly. They have countless bridges- more than 440 and a when you mix the bridges with the skyline and Mother Nature all around, it makes for one beautiful romantic moment after another. Walk through Point State Park which is where the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers meet to form the Ohio River.

Iconic Sydney


We have all seen the Sydney Opera House or Sydney Harbour and you have undoubtedly pure romance all around. But make sure to check out what other things Sydney has to offer such as the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens full of beautiful picnic spot after picnic spot. And for added bliss you have the opera house in the background to enjoy. Check out the Sydney Harbour Bridge to see the city from a different angle, and when you have said and done all that, relax in the sun by enjoying the infamous Bondi Beach.

Madrid, Spain


How do you even begin to describe a beautiful city full of charm and old world architecture? You visit, so you can experience all that it has to offer. Madrid is enchanting as there are some many different aspects to each neighborhood. It’s almost like a having a big family reunion with so many personalities all together in one place. It also has historic and modern together which makes everything that much more exciting. Wander to El Retiro Park to stare at the wonderment of the monuments and sculptures. They even have the enormous gate that still stand as a reminder of guarding the city but also to remember Madrid’s past.

Massachusetts, Berkshires


All these cities in Berkshire are worthy of the title most romantic. Check out the Boston Symphony Orchestra in Lenox to soak up the harmonious sounds they provide in an otherwise quiet town. They also have The Mount which I one of the most beautiful settings in the area filled with rich history. And then take some time to cuddle up to the fire at the Blantyre countryside inn.

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Enjoy The New Year With These Top 10 Destinations

best places to visit

What could be better than traveling to one of the world’s best destination hot spots to revel in this new year? I can’t think of many. But if you’re looking for some travel places to be more meaningful and exciting, look no further than these top ten best places to visit. Go experience what it’s like to try something new and get out of the same day to day mundane tasks. Make 2015 one to remember for many years to come.

The 10 Best Places to Spend The New Year in the World

Stay calm, plan ahead and be prepared. No, that’s not the motto of the boy scouts- it’s our advice for getting the most out of your upcoming New Year’s Eve celebration. But don’t worry; from the first hint of 201 in Sydney to the never-ending “fireworks” of the Northern Lights in Iceland, our goal is to help you plan your best Out-With-the-Old party yet. Raucous, ribald or relaxing- whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find a celebration to suit your mood.

1. Las Vegas

Enjoy dancing (and drinking) in the streets with more than 300,000 fellow partiers. Take your pick: the free-for-all, nightclub-strewn Strip or the 21-and-over Fremont Street Experience with three stages and nine hours of live bands; both are closed to traffic. Listen to the crowds roar at midnight when fireworks erupt from casino roofs around the city.

2. Berlin

One million-plus hedonists and hipsters can’t be wrong. The 1.2 mile stretch between the Victory Column and Brandenburg Gate is the place to celebrate Silvester — German for New Year’s Eve. Live bands and fireworks highlight this notorious outdoor party. For those ready to start their resolutions early, here’s our alternative pick: the 39th annual New Year’s Eve Run through the idyllic Grünewald forest.

3. Los Angeles

We love Hollywood’s exclusive club scene, rowdy pub crawls and over-the-top Cleopatra’s New Year’s Eve Ball, but this year downtown’s new Grand Park features live music, art installations, food trucks and a digital video show on the walls of City Hall. Post midnight, head to Pasadena to watch floats being assembled for the legendary New Year’s Day Tournament of Roses Parade.

4. Iceland

When the sun sets around 4 pm, visitors in Reykjavik bid their time while locals enjoy mass, neighborhood bonfires and an annual comedy show on T.V. Come midnight, though, Iceland’s capital explodes with 500 tons of fireworks. If you’re lucky, the Northern Lights will blaze above the city, too. Making up for the late start, bars and clubs beckon until five in the morning.

5. Sydney

A breathtaking light parade on Sydney Harbour? Check. Spectacular fireworks? Check. More than a million people gathered to be among the first to usher in 2015? Double check. For an unforgettable front row seat, grab tickets for one of the city’s best events with a view — we suggest the Royal Botanic Gardens or the La Bohème gala at the Opera House.

6. New Orleans

No slouch when it comes to throwing a party, the Big Easy rings in the New Year with vigor and verve. The place to be: Jackson Square, where Baby New Year drops from the top of Jax Brewery at midnight while fireworks scatter over the Mississippi River — book a steamboat cruise for prime viewing. Afterward, let the good times roll with all-night revelry on Bourbon Street.

7. London

London lights up as fireworks shoot from rafts on the Thames and the foot of the London Eye. Best spots for watching: Victoria Embankment and the South Bank. Many areas require tickets, so check ahead. Better yet, hire a barge for exclusive views, then head for the pubs to sing Auld Lang Syne. But don’t stay out too late; the New Year’s Day parade is one of London’s major events.

8. New York City

Blinding neon, world-class performers and that famous ball drop. Times Square is a given for merrymakers who want to go the classic route. As for those who prefer their festivities with an edge, there’s only one choice. Purchase an Official All-Access Meatpacking District Party Pass and you’ll glide past the velvet ropes at the neighborhood’s top bars and clubs — premium open bars included and bragging rights guaranteed.

9. Miami

Who? 250,000 locals and international visitors. What? The biggest fireworks show south of Times Square. Where? Bayfront Park, home to The Big Orange — live bands, family-friendly festivities, fireworks over Biscayne Bay and a midnight countdown as a 35-foot neon orange descends from the top of the InterContinental Miami.

10. Rio de Janeiro

But for New Year’s Eve, Copacabana is the place to be, featuring stages full of something for everyone, including scintillating samba, dance-your-pants of electronica or sweaty rock ‘n’ roll. Hotels are open around the clock, and beach-goers clothed in traditional white garb boogie the night (and the morning) away, while spraying Champagne into the air and throwing flowers into the ocean as good luck offerings to the goddess of the sea, Yemanja. This celebration is in full display under midnight fireworks.

If you’re looking to influence the coming year, tradition holds that revelers wear all white, while touches of blue call for peace in the coming year, red invites passion and yellow is for prosperity. It’s the biggest party in Rio not called Carnival, and packs it all into one wild night and morning on one of the world’s most marvelous beaches.

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Traveling the World by Chocolate


Chocolate lover: an individual who is slightly, somewhat, totally gripped with an obsession for smooth, mouthwatering chocolate. This fixation is unexplainable and unquenchable. If you are not a chocolate lover yourself don’t even try to understand and don’t try to stop it. You can’t and you won’t. All that you can do is make sure your chocolate infatuated friend gets their craving mollified during your traveling excursions. Luckily there is many a destination throughout the world that has the most crave-satisfying chocolate desserts. Here are just a few places you can expect to stop by if you’re traveling around the world with a chocolate lover.


Vienna, Austria


Austria is home to the Vienna’s Hotel Sacher, which was built in the 1800s and serves some of the most world renowned chocolates. The hotel was opened as a result of the popularity of the chocolate sponge cake invented in Austria. The cake was originally made to impress business prospects and celebrity persons of that era. The Vienna’s Hotel Sacher still stands today so that you can gratify your taste buds with a variety of Austrian-made chocolate desserts


Brussels, Belgium


Hosting more than 20,000 chocolate shops, 16 chocolate museums and 12 chocolate factories, you could consider Belgium the international gathering place of chocoholics. Brussels in particularly is the proud location of 2 of the largest chocolate companies in the world, Leonidas and Godiva. These two businesses can be found next to many other chocolate shops like Pierre Marcolini, Wittamer and Zaabar. All of these neighboring outlets are located at the heart of Brussels in a little square called Grand Sablon.


Cologne, Germany


Cologne is home to the Imhoff Stollwerck museum of chocolate. The museum, which started out as only an exhibit, was created in celebration of the Stollwerck chocolate company’s 150th anniversary. The museum features a giant chocolate fountain, interactive exhibits and a history of chocolate from all over the world. Stollwerck chocolate, though not produced from the museum, is available in many stores from eight various factories found in Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany. You can also enjoy many other chocolate shops in Cologne such as Demnitz Chocolaterie, Weibler Confectionery, La Maison du Chocolate and Mama Chocolate.


Tabasco, Mexico


That word that is almost as delicious to say as it is to eat, “chocolate,” stems from the Mayan name “xocoat” which means cocoa. The Mayan style of chocolate consists of tiny amounts of chilli within the bittersweet cocoa and is a popular favorite throughout the world. With it’s rich chocolate history, some people regard this part of Mexico as the birthplace of chocolate itself. Thus it is another must-see for chocolate lovers.


Madrid, Spain


Known for its high ranking chocolate dipped churros, Madrid is not a city to be looked over. Growing in popularity, this treat is known as “churrerias” or “chocolaterias.” You can purchase these delectables from any street vendor that’s offering it. You can enjoy watching them create this waffle stick from fried dough and then dip it into rich, bittersweet chocolate. If you have not yet tasted it you might want to add it to your bucket list and give it a shot the next chance you get to travel to Spain.


Broc, Switzerland


While searching the globe for world renowned chocolate venues, you must not forget Broc, Switzerland. The quaint village of Broc has been in the chocolate business since 1898 and is home to some of the world’s oldest chocolate makers. You can watch these chocolatiers hard at work inside their shops handling some of the highest quality chocolates in the world. Many of these little shops within Broc even allow you to sample new and exciting flavors of delicious chocolate.


New York City, USA


If you want to hit all of your chocolate explorations in one stop, you might want to check out the streets of New York City. Tours are available specifically for chocolate lovers including the Luxury Chocolate Tour and the New Cuisine Chocolate Tour. These two tours teach you the backgrounds of the many chocolate shops, most of which employ chocolatiers from all around the world. These chocolate makers bring with them recipes from their homelands to provide an incredible variety for your taste buds. There are so many scrumptious places to stop by including Richart Design et Chocolat, Chocolate Bar, Li-Lac, Jacques Torres Chocolate and MarieBelle to name a few.

Rich in taste and history, chocolate is a worldwide wonder that has captured the hearts and the taste buds of many. From coast to coast and from city to city you will never be more impressed with such delicacies than with those created in these chocolatier cities. Whether you taste the chocolate sponge cake of Austria or sample the specialty dipped churros of Spain, you’re sure to wake up in a chocolate paradise with every bite. Who knows, you may even discover your own inner chocolate obsession.