Sun Never Sets on England Vacations

If there is a list of nations ranked by how much impact they have had on the world, England will be one of the top-ranked countries. It has played a major role in many major wars, its empire has stretched from the Americas to India, and its people and language have spread across the globe. But for an individual, the biggest impact England will have on you is when you visit the country yourself.

If you’re an art lover, then England is bursting with opportunity. Visit the Museum of Modern Art, just across the Thames from St. Paul’s Cathedral. Explore the museums in Cambridge and Oxford, or the hundreds of museums, private collections, and art galleries that dot the country. Or simply admire the multitudinous forms of architecture that are the results of thousands of artists’ time, effort, and talent.

History buffs will find a trip to England satisfying, exciting, and extremely fulfilling. From Hadrian’s Wall to Glastonbury Abbey, from the Roman ruins in Bath to Canterbury Cathedral, through Parliament and Tintagel and the Tower of London, history imbues the country from top to bottom. Better than museums (although there are plenty of those, too), these places let you see the places where history took place and feel yourself in the moment.

Hikers will find incredible scenery across the island. The west coast down to Land’s End has sharp cliffs, turquoise waves, sandy beaches, fog and sunlight and heather all mixed together. Further north, in the Lake District, the rolling hills and rock walls covered in blackberry and currant bushes will enchant you. The parks in London are expansive enough to satisfy even the most avid hiker. And throughout the country, there are beautiful places to hike and stroll and enjoy yourself.

Are you a literature lover? There’s no better place to be! In England, you can visit Stratford-Upon-Avon and see the birthplace of the Bard himself, then drive a few hours to London to watch a play at the Globe. Visit Wordsworth’s home, or stop by Jane Austen’s house. You can even see the place where Beatrix Potter wrote her charming stories about Peter Rabbit.

Whatever you like and whatever you want to do, England is the place for you. You’ll find something to love and a place you’ll want to visit again and again, and leave forever changed.

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