A Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Visit fabulous Las Vegas!

A trip to Las Vegas is like a vacation to the center of the world. You can visit the Eiffel Tower, boat through Venice, watch a Broadway play, and then hit the casinos all in a few hours.


Vegas is, of course, most famous for its gambling, and there’s plenty of opportunity for that. But when you want to take a break (or when you’ve run out of cash), there’s a lot to keep you entertained. Watch the Bellagio Fountain show, an incredible display of fountains that plays out night and day. Head to the top of the Stratosphere Tower for a 360º view of the city from the highest freestanding observation deck in the USA. You can see the MGM lion exhibit or the dolphins at the Mirage.


Watch the Cirque du Soleil, see Broadway plays, listen to famous musicians and stand-up comedians every night, or explore at night and see why this is the City of Lights. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but you’ll remember the excitement forever.

Sun Never Sets on England Vacations


If there is a list of nations ranked by how much impact they have had on the world, England will be one of the top-ranked countries. It has played a major role in many major wars, its empire has stretched from the Americas to India, and its people and language have spread across the globe. But for an individual, the biggest impact England will have on you is when you visit the country yourself.

If you’re an art lover, then England is bursting with opportunity. Visit the Museum of Modern Art, just across the Thames from St. Paul’s Cathedral. Explore the museums in Cambridge and Oxford, or the hundreds of museums, private collections, and art galleries that dot the country. Or simply admire the multitudinous forms of architecture that are the results of thousands of artists’ time, effort, and talent.

History buffs will find a trip to England satisfying, exciting, and extremely fulfilling. From Hadrian’s Wall to Glastonbury Abbey, from the Roman ruins in Bath to Canterbury Cathedral, through Parliament and Tintagel and the Tower of London, history imbues the country from top to bottom. Better than museums (although there are plenty of those, too), these places let you see the places where history took place and feel yourself in the moment.

Hikers will find incredible scenery across the island. The west coast down to Land’s End has sharp cliffs, turquoise waves, sandy beaches, fog and sunlight and heather all mixed together. Further north, in the Lake District, the rolling hills and rock walls covered in blackberry and currant bushes will enchant you. The parks in London are expansive enough to satisfy even the most avid hiker. And throughout the country, there are beautiful places to hike and stroll and enjoy yourself.

Are you a literature lover? There’s no better place to be! In England, you can visit Stratford-Upon-Avon and see the birthplace of the Bard himself, then drive a few hours to London to watch a play at the Globe. Visit Wordsworth’s home, or stop by Jane Austen’s house. You can even see the place where Beatrix Potter wrote her charming stories about Peter Rabbit.

Whatever you like and whatever you want to do, England is the place for you. You’ll find something to love and a place you’ll want to visit again and again, and leave forever changed.

New York City – Want To Be A Part of It?

TravelTips-nycDo you want to take a vacation? Are you looking for somewhere exciting to visit? If you need to re-energize, or just want to experience new things, there’s one place that will do you good. Head up to the Big Apple and take a look around America’s largest city.

New York has been a beacon for a long time. The skyline, the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty – the city is full of iconic landmarks known worldwide. It’s also the most-visited city in the United States. Read more »

Yellowstone National Park – Blow Off Some Steam

grand-prismatic-spring-yellowstone-national-parkThe oldest Yellowstone National Park in America bids you welcome! The awe-inspiring vistas and wonder of natural features of this geothermally active area inspired the creation of an entire system of national parks and preserves, the first of its kind in the world. Come and experience Yellowstone.

Established in 1872, Yellowstone is an enormous park, spanning nearly 3,500 square miles and reaching into three states, although park is primarily situated in Wyoming. Inside of its boundaries, local wildlife flourishes in a largely undisturbed ecosystem. Bison, bears, wolves, elk, and many other endangered and magnificent wild animals roam through the forests and grasslands of the park, and visitors may be able to spot some as they hike or drive or camp in the park, although both visitors and animals should keep their distance from one another! Read more »

A Trip In Time Saves Cash


A Trip In Time Saves Cash! It’s always nice to save a bit of cash, particularly when traveling. Flying is a very convenient mode of transportation due to speed, but it can also be quite expensive. If you’re flying for your vacation, there are ways to reduce expenses. Here are a few tricks to keep in mind.

First of all, if you can, fly during the off season. Tickets are more expensive when there is a greater demand; for example, the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, with a minor lull between them, most of the summer, and the approximate periods of spring break. Between these peak times – that is, fall, the post-New Year’s winter, and most of spring – the tickets tend to be cheaper. These times also tend to have less crowded flights, and fewer tourists at whatever your destination may be. Read more »

Get Packing – Travel Tips

Travel BuffHow you pack for a trip is very important to your experience on your travels. However, there are a lot of variables, so if you’re wondering what you need to pack, here are a few things to take into consideration.

How long is your trip?

This is the first thing to consider. Pack enough to last. If it’s longer than a week, consider finding a laundromat so you can pack fewer clothes.

How are you traveling?

If you’re traveling by bus, you won’t have much room for luggage. Plane travel allows for significantly more baggage, and travel in your own vehicle lets you bring as much as you need or will fit.

Where are you going?

What’s the climate like? Is it warm, cold, sandy, wet, or dry? Make sure you have coats, umbrellas, lotion, or sandals as wherever you’re going requires.

How much down time will you have?

For any type of travel that you’re not driving, it’s good to have something to do. Or if you anticipate times after you’ve reached your destination during which you won’t be particularly busy, have something to keep you entertained. Books, games, whatever that may be.

What is the intent of the trip?

Consider what you plan on doing and pack respectively. If you are going on a business trip, pack appropriate clothes. Going to the beach? Pack beach towels and so forth. If there may be a formal occasion, pack something nice that travels well.

Where will you be staying?

Are you staying at a hotel or with friends? Is there anything one may provide that the other wouldn’t? Stick it in your bag.

After considering these questions, make a list of what you need and check it off as you put things away so you don’t forget anything. With a bit of preparation, your trip will be much more relaxed.

Hotel Roma


Hotel Roma in Prague Offers Excellent Service Like No Other

People that travel know it is important to look for a good hotel to stay while visiting a place. Excellent accommodation doesn’t necessarily mean it is expensive. You can find classy and highly rated but low- cost hotels in ideal locations that would allow you to roam the city on foot. Hotel Roma and Albergo Roma are perfect examples that offer excellent front desk service with staffs that care and always ready to listen to your every need.

What Makes Prague An Ideal Travel Destination?

Prague is considered the historical center of Rome. It is the home to a lot of world-famous cultural attractions including the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Lennon Wall, Old Town Square and others most of which have stood against violence and destruction during the 20th century. Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of “World Heritage Sites” in 1992, making it an ideal travel destination.

What to Expect

Visitors would be happy to see and use the modern public transportation that connects the city. There are major museums, plenty of cinemas, theaters, galleries and historical exhibits. Top class restaurants, signature clothing stores, games and amusements centers and other wonderful places would remain long in memories after returning home from a visit. It would be wise to learn more about Rome, particularly Prague and its hotels by making a short research online before booking and embarking on a journey.

Welcome Everyone!

The management of Hotel Roma welcomes every guest in this 4-star hotel with extreme kindness and courtesy. You’ll enjoy your stay in well-refined rooms while getting all what you want from a hotel accommodation. You can expect excellent hosts from bartenders to janitors. You can check and browse the website of Hotel Roma, Albergo Roma and other hotels in Prague from anywhere in the world to make reservation online. This is the easiest and expense-free method to go places which you may not want to miss.

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