Five Places to Visit In Honor Of Presidents Day

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Here comes another holiday to celebrate and take time off of work. What better way to spend Presidents Day than to honor the presidents themselves. Here are some great places to visit for the holiday:

Mount Rushmore (South Dakota)-

great places to travel

Is one of the most iconic presidential sites around! Amazing scenery, and gets replicated many times in television and film and also gets referenced when referring to your top 4. I.E. “What is considered your Mount Rushmore of NBA players of all time?”

Lincoln Monument (Washington, D.C.)-

great places to travel

Probably the most famous memorial for a president is the giant statue of Abraham Lincoln reflecting in a chair. Many people like to do their own reflecting here.

White House (Washington, D.C.)–

great places to travel

How cool is it to visit the house where it all took place (past, present and future). Just make sure you book these popular tours well in advance (minimum of 21 days). And if you can’t afford to go to D.C., you can always take an interactive tour on their website.

Legoland (California)–

great places to travel

Wait, huh? That’s right, Legoland. Can’t make it to the White House or Mt. Rushmore? They have replicas at Legoland as well models of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Mt. Vernon (Virginia) –

great places to travel

See George Washington’s mansion, bowling green, final resting place, greenhouse, gardens, etc. There is plenty of beauty to see and plenty of history to learn.

Image sources: Britannica, Guiddo, History, Common Dreams, Mountvernon

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