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Best Hotel

When visiting New York, I love staying in Dream Hotel. There is no place quite like it. Not only is it a beautiful place to stay with amazing staff and all the amenities you could ask for, but there is a boutique right there. You can do shopping in your hotel, and who doesn’t want to do that. I would not stay anywhere else when taking trips to New York. In the room itself there is a plasma screen TV, and I couldn’t ask for something better when trying to be comfortable in my room during a vacation or business trip, which I have done both in this hotel.

There are mini-bars located right in your room, I love this because I do not have to leave my great room to enjoy a drink while looking at the incredible view from my room.

When I do decide to leave my room and wander down stairs there are many places I can choose to entertain myself, such as lounges and restaurants. I love spending my time in this hotel. I always find myself using the other wonderful services this hotel offers like the valet service, the very comfortable bathrobes, and the fitness center; which isn’t very far from the hotel and it as no extra cost to go work out. They really take care of me here, and I feel very at home if not better than home. It is really a dream to stay here. I love the Dream Hotel In New York. Traveling to New York visit http://www.venere.com/it/new-york/new-york/

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