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Located in the heart of Etretat, Normandy, in northwestern France along the English Channel, the Detective Hotel in Etretat is a fun and themed hotel that offers quite the original stay for guests traveling from near and far. Situated right on the water, with amazing views of both the Channel and the city, this hotel is truly an original, and a magnificently unique stop for people traveling through northwestern France and around the beaches of Normandy.

Known for its famous cliffs, Normandy itself is of course a historic region, and the Detective Hotel plays right into that with phenomenal themes, great architecture, and a fun overall sense of décor and attitude that works seamlessly with the rest of the neighborhood and the community.

A theme hotel, the Detective Hotel is based upon a concept with a challenge to find all the surprises, or clues, like an actual detective would do. Clearly original, the hotel is also spotlessly clean and very well kept, providing guests a welcome respite no matter where they may hail from or where they may be headed after their stay.

Located in the perfect situation right in the center of the city of Etretat, the Detective Hotel is close to many shops and restaurants, and is an ideal place to stay for people who want to be in the thick of things around Normandy. Located a very, very short walk from the sea itself, this hotel has three floors and is based on welcoming and housing guests in a very intimate and meaningful atmosphere.

The location alone, too, makes the hotel an ideal starting point for guests to head off into town, and explore all the major attractions around the neighborhood, be it Normandy bridges and beaches, or simply the shopping and cultural attractions available throughout the community itself.

With personalized welcomes, and small, quaint, and steadfastly kept rooms, the Detective Hotel provides everything guests need to make their stay truly memorable and unique in this theme hotel. It’s a relatively new space that has just been bought and converted by owners, and it allows for a good deal of originality and fun for guests looking for something slightly better than just a normal hotel stay.

It’s quite clear that the owners have done a good deal of work on the hotel, not only to promote and use the theme itself, but also to ensure that guests enjoy their time there, as they are passionate about the overall experience for guests and those staying.

For a friendly and welcoming place right along the beaches of Normandy, you can’t beat the Detective Hotel for your stay as you visit the glorious countryside and wonderful beaches and cliffs of northwestern France and the Normandy region. It is truly a must-stop and an original piece situated perfectly in Etretat, providing memories you will not soon forget during your stay in town! Visit for more information.

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