Blow Off Some Steam


grand-prismatic-spring-yellowstone-national-parkThe oldest National Park in America bids you welcome! The awe-inspiring vistas and wonder of natural features of this geothermally active area inspired the creation of an entire system of national parks and preserves, the first of its kind in the world. Come and experience Yellowstone.

Established in 1872, Yellowstone is an enormous park, spanning nearly 3,500 square miles and reaching into three states, although park is primarily situated in Wyoming. Inside of its boundaries, local wildlife flourishes in a largely undisturbed ecosystem. Bison, bears, wolves, elk, and many other endangered and magnificent wild animals roam through the forests and grasslands of the park, and visitors may be able to spot some as they hike or drive or camp in the park, although both visitors and animals should keep their distance from one another!

Of course, the best-known feature of Yellowstone is its extensive range of geothermal features, like mudpits or hot springs, but especially geysers. Castle Geyser, with its enormous base; Grand Geyser, the largest predictable geyser with bursts that can reach from 150-200 feet; Great Fountain geyser, with its broad-based series of spurts; and, of course, Old Faithful, the most frequently erupting and most well known of all of Yellowstone’s many geysers.

So come and be inspired by the marvels of Nature!

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