A Lucky Day to Travel

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If you want to get out and go somewhere for the “luckiest” holiday of the year, you’re not alone. Thousands will be leaving their homes and flocking to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations everywhere. Where will you go, though- that’s a slightly bigger question. Maybe one of these US cities with the top 5 St. Patrick’s Day celebrations will be close to you so you can go enjoy the festivities.



(image by Paul Beaty, AP)

If we’re going by sheer spectacle, Chicago would top the list just for the city’s tradition of dying the entire river green. But the celebrations and parades are worthy competitors in their own right, as well!
(If you’re worried about environmental impact, Chicago’s own environmental groups think the green is, well, green.)

New York City

city march

(image by Andrew Burton, Getty Images)

New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is the biggest in the nation. With bagpipers (of course!), dancers, bands, and lots of kilts, it’s a celebration worth seeing. Plus, New York has some excellent breweries for that most traditional of St. Patrick’s Day beverages.



(image from southbostonparade.org)

Huge amounts of snow and ice this year won’t be stopping Boston from their annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day! Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind with Boston history, the city has a deep Irish heritage, which the locals love to express with large parades and great parties.


green fountain

(image from holidaypictures.org)

Looking for something in warmer climates? We don’t blame you – and we have a great option for you! In Georgia, Savannah gets into the St. Patrick’s spirit with fountains that flow green for several days, plus some spectacular food and music festivals that attract hundreds of thousands every year.

Los Angeles

jump dress

(image from golosangeles.about.com)

No, we didn’t forget the West Coast. If you’re out that direction or just in the mood for some spectacular Irish fun in the sun, maybe you can enjoy the LA County Irish Fair, or any of the other food, music, and generally Irish festivals from the City of Angels. Or possibly leprechauns.

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