Travel Carry-On Must-Haves

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Most airlines allow 2 carry-on items, one in the overhead bin and the other under the seat in front of you. When you’ve got limited space, figuring out what to bring in as little space as possible is essential. Let’s talk about things you definitely want to make sure you take on that next flight.

Need To Get On the Plane:

Photo ID and Boarding Pass- Put these in an easy-to-access location so you aren’t holding up the line at the checkpoint (although probably not pockets- remember you need to empty your pockets when going through security).

Need for the Trip:

Itinerary- Please don’t get lost.

Wallet- With cards, addresses, and generally just to keep an eye on.

Phone- Good for a lot of things. Coordinate landing times, check times in the airport, and if you’ve got a smart phone, entertainment and maybe even your boarding pass.

Other Electronics- Laptops, eReaders, etc., make travel much easier.

Charger- Because really, what good will your phone/laptop be if it’s dead? Maybe you have one in your checked bag, but that won’t help if you have a layover and get stuck for hours. (Which will happen if you forget your charger, so bringing it with you is proof against bad luck. Right?)

Headphones- Or ear buds. Something to listen to music/watch a show/quiet the world around you.

Health- Tylenol for headache prevention, hygiene equipment for the ladies if it’s near that time, sanitizing wipes are a good idea (and not liquid, so no worries about bottle size).

Good Stuff to Smooth Travel:

Water Bottle- Bring it empty, fill after you pass through security, don’t get dehydrated. Or buy one past security if you prefer/forgot to bring one.

Food- We know airport food is expensive. Bring crackers, peanuts, granola bars, fruit (not if you’re flying international; there could be complications)- whatever you like munching on.

Camera- If you don’t use the one on your phone, at least.

Pen & Paper- For jotting down ideas, doodling, or just having handy, pen & paper are good to have.

Books- Nothing to keep you occupied on a long trip like a good book. Make sure it’s one you’ll like and be interested in or it might just make the trip feel longer.

Traveling with Kids:

Entertainment- Maybe books, favorite dolls- something to keep them occupied. Just nothing too complicated so pieces don’t get lost and certainly nothing noisy. Aside from bugging neighbors, do you want to be cooped up with a noisy toy for hours?

Snacks- We know we already mentioned this, but it’s especially handy to have around when traveling with young ones. Keep them occupied, full, and happy or the trip will be harder on you.

Overhead Bag:

This is the emergency essentials- the to-go bag ready for you if your checked bag gets lost. This should carry:


1-2 sets of clothing (including underwear)

Hygiene Equipment- brush, toothpaste/toothbrush, contact solution, deodorant, etc.

Anything you may need- within the first two days of your trip that isn’t easily obtainable from a store.

Enjoy your trip, fly safe, and be ready for whatever the journey may care to throw at you!

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