10 Best Places In The World For Rock Climbing

When it comes to high adventure and extreme skill level nothing can compare to rock climbing. One of the hardest things about rock climbing is actually picking a top ten list that everyone can agree on. The best destinations are constantly changing and evolving to what rock climbers are searching for. Here are some of the best places to go for getting your rock climbing adventure on.

No. 10: Agulha do Diablo (The Devil’s Needle)

Agulha do Diablo

Agulha do Diablo is in Serra dos Órgãos National Park, Brazil. This place would be higher on the list if there weren’t so many clouds.

No. 9: El Capitan

el capitan - travel buff

Crazy Californians are well known to tackle the face of this beast every day in Yosemite National Park. It was named after a Indian Chief who probably became Chief after climbing this massive rock. The 3,000 piece of smooth Granite is a treat for rock climbers who want to conquer something nice a quick.

No. 8: Spider Rock

spider rock - travel buff

Spider Rock is located in the Canyon de Chelly of Arizona. It was named after the home of an old Navajo Indian mythical woman named “Grandmother Spider” whose legend was that she created the stars in the sky from the dew on her web that she spun and threw up into the heavens. As the web entered outer space, they settled there to become stars. WOOHOO!!! Let’s go climb this!!!

No. 7: Dead Horse Point

dead horse point - travel buff

Dead Horse Point is in Utahand named after the fact that horses have a difficult time getting through this canyon. Rock Climbers make it out here now all the time with their SUVs so no worries!

No. 6: Kalymnos Island

kalymnos - travel buff

In the Greek Islands, there are some rocks that shape amazing upside down slopes that pro rock climbers drool over. Greeceis one of the most beautiful countries in the World full of Ocean scenery so if you like Sunsets, this is the place to climb!

No. 5: Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima - travel buff

At the border of Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana there is a mountain 31 km high with a ledge that attracts rock climbers like a magnet. There is only one way up this mountain and its 90 degrees straight up.

No.4: Paarl Rock


Paarl Rock is in South Africa and it kind of looks like a pebble that some huge Alien threw at Earth as he was passing by in their mother ship. It’s slick marble like walls make this one of the biggest challenges for Rock Climbers.

No. 3: Indian Creek


Indian Creek is located in Utah and it has some of the deadliest crevices in the World. Aron Ralston became famous after his solo-hiking through these cracks in the rocks. One time, he fell and got trapped and he had to saw off his own arm to get out. You can watch a movie called “127 Hours” to witness his story.

No. 2: Skaha Climbing Bluffs

Skaha Climbing Bluffs - travel buff

The Skaha Climbing Bluffs are located in British Columbia Canada. The scenery is full of green trees and waterfalls. Cool eh?

No 1: The Matterhorn

matterhorn-travel buff

Anyone who’s been to Disneyland knew this was coming. The Matterhorn is a famous rock in the Swiss Alps, and it’s so majestic that Disneyland decided to make a little version of it with a huge roller coaster. If you don’t have the courage to climb the actual Matterhorn in Switzerland, then get on the rollercoaster at Disneyland to get a taste of what you’re missing.
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