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Bed and Breakfast Roma

Hotel Roma

Just a short walk from the pulsating heart of Rome sits one of the best kept lodging secrets in the city – Bed and Breakfast Roma. The ideal resting place for both traveling families and friends, the B&B on Via Filippo Turati boasts three well-appointed guests rooms – all of which feature a private ensuite bathroom, closet, television, table and chair. Two of the rooms accommodate two guests; the third fits three. In addition to the capacious, fully furnished rooms, guests at the bed and breakfast have access to a kitchenette complete with refrigerator, stove, dishes and a washing machine.

Stepping into the bed and breakfast is like stepping into a livable modern art museum. Bold colors and geometric art cover the walls and the décor is decidedly eclectic. Chairs, sofas and lighting fixtures from a myriad of eras and cultures blend together to create a truly unique environment.

Every day from 7:30am to 10:00am guests can feast on fresh fruit, croissants, pastries, coffee and tea – a daily treat included in the price of the room. Once fueled with food, the treasures of Rome are only a short walk away from this ideally located lodging.

While smoking is not welcome at the Roma bed and breakfast, four-legged pet travelers are! Plus, children under 10 stay free! Be prepared to pay a small per person tax each night, but don’t expect to check-in before noon. That said, for travelers in search of funky, spacious, sunny lodgings close to many of Rome’s venerated sites, book a stay at the best Bed and Breakfast in Rome, you will be glad to did. Viaggi Sicuri! Need more information visit

Comfort INN Convention Center – Manhattan, New York

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When it comes to hotels in New York, there are thousands to choose from. From high priced hotels like the Ritz Carlton, to the bit lower priced models that can come with uncertain amenities and in questionable areas, you can get lost just trying to choose a hotel online, let alone even visiting the city itself and getting caught in the whirlwind of energy in the Big Apple.

But there are certain areas and locations that a visitor would clearly want to stay once in New York, and one of them is the Manhattan area, situated right uptown. At the convention center, for example, the Comfort Inn Manhattan Convention Center hotel provides everything you might need for an amenable stay along with knowing that the great location will provide for you countless opportunities to see the sites and take in the city during your trip.

Amenities and Perks

From on-site parking and valet, to curbside cab and transportation services, and everything from breakfasts and exquisite meals in the hotel restaurant to a gym and sauna on site, the Comfort Inn Convention Center has all the perks and amenities you need to get the most out of your stay in Manhattan. You can rest assured knowing that everything you’ve come to expect out of a high quality hotel is available for you at this hotel in the heart of New York City, and the staff and employees are just a call away from being able to provide.

Great Location in Manhattan

What’s better than to be right in the heart of Manhattan while staying in New York City? Rather than being across the river in New Jersey, or out in another borough around the city, Manhattan is the center of everything big in New York, and provides for you the best location to be if you are a tourist visiting from out of town and interested in seeing the Big Apple up close and personal. With a prime location right at the convention center, and tons of events happening throughout the year at this location, you get everything you’ve ever dreamed of – and energy and hustle to boot – at the Comfort Inn Convention Center.

Close to everything, perfect for tourism

For tourists, the Convention Center Comfort Inn is ideal, simply because it provides a great opportunity to breeze down and see the sights, from the Statue of Liberty all the way up to midtown and uptown Manhattan. No matter what you came to New York to see – be it Times Square or the Empire State Building – you can do so knowing you’ll get to it full and well, and very easily, from your prime location at the Comfort Inn Convention Center.

All around, this hotel is a solid offering at reasonable prices in the often fast-paced world of New York City hotels. While it can be difficult to find and book a hotel in too many cases around the city, rest assured knowing that in this case, you certainly have a keeper that is idea for your next trip or vacation to New York. Check out for reservation

Australia – Go Down Under – Travel-Buff

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What if you could swim through one of the wonders of the world? What if you could cuddle with a koala? What if you had the opportunity to walk through the world’s oldest rainforest? What if you could see someone perform a dance that has happened for the last 1,500 years? What if you went to Australia?

There is no end to the wonders that Australia offers to its visitors. From beaches to desert to rainforest, the climate runs the scale from wonderful to paradise. The incredible animals are bizarre and wondrous in their strangeness

kangaroos and koalas and platypi and so on. There are water sports of every kind and the opportunity to travel the Barrier Reef. Nights at the Sydney Opera House offer a treat with great views as well as the delightful plays, operas, and concerts.

Above and beyond all of that, the Australian people are amazing. They’re fun, easy-going, fit, and have accents that make the rest of the world jealous. With the entire continent as your oyster, you’ll have a pearl of a vacation with a trip to Australia.

A Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Visit fabulous Las Vegas!

A trip to Las Vegas is like a vacation to the center of the world. You can visit the Eiffel Tower, boat through Venice, watch a Broadway play, and then hit the casinos all in a few hours.


Vegas is, of course, most famous for its gambling, and there’s plenty of opportunity for that. But when you want to take a break (or when you’ve run out of cash), there’s a lot to keep you entertained. Watch the Bellagio Fountain show, an incredible display of fountains that plays out night and day. Head to the top of the Stratosphere Tower for a 360º view of the city from the highest freestanding observation deck in the USA. You can see the MGM lion exhibit or the dolphins at the Mirage.


Watch the Cirque du Soleil, see Broadway plays, listen to famous musicians and stand-up comedians every night, or explore at night and see why this is the City of Lights. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but you’ll remember the excitement forever.

Sun Never Sets on England Vacations

If there is a list of nations ranked by how much impact they have had on the world, England will be one of the top-ranked countries. It has played a major role in many major wars, its empire has stretched from the Americas to India, and its people and language have spread across the globe. But for an individual, the biggest impact England will have on you is when you visit the country yourself.

If you’re an art lover, then England is bursting with opportunity. Visit the Museum of Modern Art, just across the Thames from St. Paul’s Cathedral. Explore the museums in Cambridge and Oxford, or the hundreds of museums, private collections, and art galleries that dot the country. Or simply admire the multitudinous forms of architecture that are the results of thousands of artists’ time, effort, and talent.

History buffs will find a trip to England satisfying, exciting, and extremely fulfilling. From Hadrian’s Wall to Glastonbury Abbey, from the Roman ruins in Bath to Canterbury Cathedral, through Parliament and Tintagel and the Tower of London, history imbues the country from top to bottom. Better than museums (although there are plenty of those, too), these places let you see the places where history took place and feel yourself in the moment.

Hikers will find incredible scenery across the island. The west coast down to Land’s End has sharp cliffs, turquoise waves, sandy beaches, fog and sunlight and heather all mixed together. Further north, in the Lake District, the rolling hills and rock walls covered in blackberry and currant bushes will enchant you. The parks in London are expansive enough to satisfy even the most avid hiker. And throughout the country, there are beautiful places to hike and stroll and enjoy yourself.

Are you a literature lover? There’s no better place to be! In England, you can visit Stratford-Upon-Avon and see the birthplace of the Bard himself, then drive a few hours to London to watch a play at the Globe. Visit Wordsworth’s home, or stop by Jane Austen’s house. You can even see the place where Beatrix Potter wrote her charming stories about Peter Rabbit.

Whatever you like and whatever you want to do, England is the place for you. You’ll find something to love and a place you’ll want to visit again and again, and leave forever changed.

New York City – Want To Be A Part of It?

TravelTips-nycDo you want to take a vacation? Are you looking for somewhere exciting to visit? If you need to re-energize, or just want to experience new things, there’s one place that will do you good. Head up to the Big Apple and take a look around America’s largest city.

New York has been a beacon for a long time. The skyline, the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty – the city is full of iconic landmarks known worldwide. It’s also the most-visited city in the United States. Read more »

Yellowstone National Park – Blow Off Some Steam

grand-prismatic-spring-yellowstone-national-parkThe oldest Yellowstone National Park in America bids you welcome! The awe-inspiring vistas and wonder of natural features of this geothermally active area inspired the creation of an entire system of national parks and preserves, the first of its kind in the world. Come and experience Yellowstone.

Established in 1872, Yellowstone is an enormous park, spanning nearly 3,500 square miles and reaching into three states, although park is primarily situated in Wyoming. Inside of its boundaries, local wildlife flourishes in a largely undisturbed ecosystem. Bison, bears, wolves, elk, and many other endangered and magnificent wild animals roam through the forests and grasslands of the park, and visitors may be able to spot some as they hike or drive or camp in the park, although both visitors and animals should keep their distance from one another! Read more »